Machine manufacturing

Our company’s aim is to produce unique machines and provide a service that meets the highest costumer expectations.

Ziegler Trade Ltd is a family business that has been making wafers for four generations. Tibor Ziegler started to manufacture wafers in the 195O's. In 1970 János Ziegler left the original family business and established his own company, Ziegler Trade Ltd. From 1980 onwards, together with the establishment of our own machine-building plant, we automated our production.

In 1989 we purchased the building of the former Ziegler Bakery taken into public ownership in 1948. We refurbished the building and converted for baking our wafers and making wafer machines.

By 1980s, our machines reached many parts of the world, from New Zealand to Canada, and from 1989, our company also started exporting wafers. In 2001, our production rose to such a level that we could not develop further within the framework of our plant in Pest, so we relocated our plants to Zsámbék.

Today we export to 38 countries.

Our machine manufacturing plant is undergoing continuous development and we seek to provide all the machines related to wafer making to our partners, from the mixing of the dough to the packaging of the finished product.


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