Wafer production

The goal of Ziegler Kft. is to manufacture wafers and provide commercial services that
which maximally satisfies the customer’s needs.

Ziegler Trade Ltd is a family business that has been making wafers for four generations. Tibor Ziegler started to manufacture wafers in the 195O's. In 1970 János Ziegler left the original family business and estabilished his own company, Ziegler Trade Ltd. The cheese wafers were first made on hand- held machines, and they are still made according to the recipe of the time. In 1980 we automated production with the establishment of our own machine-building plant.

In 1989 we purchased the building of the former Ziegler Bakery which had been taken into public ownership in 1948. We refurbished the building and converted for baking our wafers. Up until 1989 we had only delivered to the domestic market, but since 1990 we have taken the opportunity to export as well.

In 2001 the rapidly increasing production reached the limits of our factory and we required improved production facilities. Therefore, we moved to Zsambek establishing a significantly enhanced factory. Today, our products are available in many countries around the world. Our strength in wafer production lies in the fact that due to the use of our own machines, development and service are ensured.

Our goal is to be able to provide a full range to our customers in the wafer market. From 2006, our product development started in the direction of a healthy lifestyle (organic, gluten free). All our products are subject to high quality requirements, and thanks to our IFS certification system introduced in 2006, you can find all the relevant information in the Quality menu.


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